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               SEASON: 8                                                                     
               EPiSODE: 21                                                        
               RELEASE DATE: Jun 20 2010                                   
               AiR DATE: Jun 20 2010                                       
               GENRE: Cartoon                                                  
               RUNTiME: 20 Mins 40 Secs                                     
               ViDEO: XviD at 1040 kbps                               
               AUDiO: VBR MP3 ~128kbps 2ch 48khz             
               ASPECT RATiO: 16:9                                                 
               RESOLUTiON: 512x384                                              
               FRAME RATE: 25 fps                                                
               ARCHiVE SiZE: 175MB: 13x15MB

                       EPiSODE iNFORMATiON:                        

                    Partial Terms of Endearment.             
                    Subversive animated comedy about the trials and  
                    tribulations of American family life. A friend  
                    asks Lois to be a surrogate mother for her, and  
                    Lois agrees. But when the friend unexpectedly  
                    dies, Lois isn't sure what to do. The family  
                    gets into one long debate over the issue.  
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If you are a US Citizen who believes the earth is 6,000 years old, you should not watch this.

It deals with abortion. Americans cannot handle that. That's why it cannot be aired in the U.S.
I haven't watched this yet, but chances are that this involved the fetus doing a song and dance routine during the procedure and was not just the subject of abortions. Lots of old-ass shows have talked about abortions... but whatever. Hate on America all you will, right after you download our content. LOL.
Nah, this one goes straight for the anti-abortion nutjobs.

I don't hate on America. That's where jingoistic simpletons fail. I hate on the stupid people in my country that believe they represent the principles this nation was founded upon, while discriminating against anyone and everyone who doesn't look like them or who doesn't believe in the same old man in the sky.

If you believe it is immoral, then don't do it. In this country, ALL are allowed to choose their own belief system. It's the assholes who seek to impose their particular beliefs who are ruining this country.

Fuckers probably even still believe that Iraq had WMD and planned 9/11. Fucking simpletons.
oh yeah, by the way, how is Family Guy "our content" when it is produced and televised by a multi-national corporation owned by an Australian newspaper mogul?

Where exactly does Rupert Murdoch pay taxes, isn't he an Australian born British citizen?