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Supernatural S04E19 Jump the Shark HDTV XviD-FQM [eztv]
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2009-04-24 06:50:44 GMT
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First post omg. nä men tackar :) väntar länge på detta avsnitt o självklart levererar du eztv .
thanks a bunch for the fast service
always appreciated.
78 seeds and only 2 seeding. What's up with the seeders tonight.

Help out the other people who want to see this episode too.

thanks for seeding. :)
for fraks's only been out 24 minutes...give it way not to say that is to pretend to not see it until tomorrow and then complain if no seeds!
anway i have averaged 1K/s over last 25 minutes yet got smallville in 42 minutes fully downloaded...mebbe something wrong but will leave going overnight so will watch when wake up :)
Thanks eztv, love you in a sick internet way ;)

Cmama Im sure everyone want this ep as much as you do...Just give it some time.
Köszönöm :)
ok, I will, but been downloading for almost 3hrs now, not normal.

ciscoman got smallville in 42 minutes, I';m still downloadingit, been the same time as Supernatural.
I am usually patient and don't complain unless no one uploads it. but when you see seeders grow and grow and still you are waiting for seeders, it's hard to understand.
anyways, I will be patient.

Put simply"respect to the eztv"
Yep you guys are right sumat aint right at the inn... dl is slow by gum ha ha...but still thanking ya eztv for your a number one torrents.

Will you be uploading "Samantha Who'' S02E14 soon??

thanks eztv
eng sub???
12000 seeds
8 people sharing
Only 2 of them at 100%
None of em yanks
= Dirty bastards
Thx eztv...You are the man (or woman) =)
only 12 seeds wtf?!
Thank You so much...!!
They finally showed it, after 2 weeks of unexpected repeats though..

Thanks eztv (eztv also made my cheap tv wall-mount, hope you don't get sued for having the same name haha)
thanks eztv
does any1 no wer circlensess is, he is off thepiratebay now for 4 months. any1 no if he is coming bac?
Ta Muchly 4 the ul...
Thanks alot ... love u eztv :D
Many Thanks!
ez for Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend(s)