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           TiTLE...... Sicko                                                 
           YEAR....... 2007                                                  
           GENRE...... Documentary                                           
           RUNTiME.... 02:03:12                                              
           STORE DATE. 2007                                                  
           iMDB RATE.. 8.5/10 (15,796 votes)                                 
           iMDB URL...                  
           AUDiO...... MP3 48000Hz 96 kb/s CBR (2 chnls)                     
           LANGUAGE... English                                               
           ViDEO...... 694 kbps XviD 23.976 FPS                              
           Q. FRAME... 0.162 bits*pixel                                      
           RESOLUTiON. 572 x 312                                             
           DAR........ 1.833 (11:6)                                          
           SUBS....... None                                                  
           FiLES...... 1                                                     
           SiZE....... 701 MB                                               
           SOURCE..... NTSC DVD   

Documentary look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs) compared to free, universal care in Canada, the U.K., and France. Moore contrasts U.S. media reports on Canadian care with the experiences of Canadians in hospitals and clinics there. He interviews patients and doctors in the U.K. about cost, quality, and salaries. He examines why Nixon promoted HMOs in 1971, and why the Clintons' reform effort failed in the 1990s. He talks to U.S. ex-pats in Paris about French services, and he takes three 9/11 clean-up volunteers, who developed respiratory problems, to Cuba for care. He asks of Americans, "Who are we?"

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Fuck you Fenix. By starting off with the silly 'blessed socialist state of Sweden' you've just insured that no-one will believe your bullshit story. You're not even denying that your dad got to see a doctor immediately when he wanted one. And, the most important thing, your dad didn't have to ask a fucking HMO or insurance company for the treatment. That is what this movie is about. If your dads doctor had said he needed to go to the emergency room immediately, he'd done that. No reason to involve any insurance companies what so ever. If the doctor deemed it necessary to do some immediate surgery, THEY'D FUCKING DO IT. I've been there and my doctor send me immediately to the hospital. Since my situation was critical I got the operation straight away.

So, don't talk bullshit about stuff that you don't know shit about. Thank god for socialist swedish healthcare!

btw. I say this since I've lived a long time in the US and know how fucked up it is there.
one guy for social healthcare another not for it. Hitler once said about differing opinions that it was like lemonade. He wanted people divided.
the question is simple - what is right? is it right that some will have to go without healthcare, that most cannot afford it? What's right? My father had TB in 1955, without the NHS, he would have died. Is that right? Walk on by. Don't look out for your community or country. just look out for no.1. - numbers are for nazis. its people.
Thank you I live in Canada!Not quite socialist healthcare, not near as horrible as the american healthcare. I was visiting the states with a friend once, we where in Colorado Skiing and he broke his leg it cost over 1000$ to have it set and cast, which would have been free back home. We have never been back, its been 4 years I don't believe I will ever go back.
Sucks to be an American. God bless them. :P
Would anyone who has downloaded this care to comment on the quality of the actual torrent?

Please leave the anecdotal arguments of the pros and cons of a national health system and the random unnecessary comparisons to Nazi Germany to the appropriate fora. Like for example YouTube. Thank you.
Cool! Thanks!