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Bif_Naked-Superbeautifulmonster_(Proper)-2005-XXL [Alternative]
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2005-06-24 16:21:23 GMT

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Bif Naked - Superbeautifulmonster (Proper)

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Artist: Bif Naked
Album Title: Superbeautifulmonster (Proper)
Record Label: Warner
Rip Date: 2005-06-23
Catalog Number:
Genre: Alternative
Year: 2005
Source: CD
Encoder: LAME 3.90.3
Quality: 234kbps avg / 44100 / Joint Stereo

Track List

01 Abandonment                                    3:12
02 Let Down                                       2:44
03 Everyday                                       3:25
04 Yeah You                                       3:43
05 Thats Life                                     2:45
06 Nothing Else Matters                           4:41
07 I Want                                         2:23
08 Funeral Of A Good Grrl                         2:36
09 Henry                                          3:54
10 The World Is Over                              2:47
11 The Question Song                              4:17
12 Ladybug Waltz                                  3:59
13 After A While                                  4:52
                                                79 megs

Rip Notes

Fixed lame headers. Now on to the 2nd issue the ying yang.

First of all this is not hate, attacking, unnuke request, etc. anything negative.
It's a valid nuke don't get me wrong if you consider the filenames dupe and the 
proper doesn't get spread properly on a courier's prospective.
So we'll adapt to this "new" rule thanks.

If nukers are going to start nuking propers with same filename naming scheme, then
please enforce it.

EGO's C-Murder proper had the same filenames as the first rip, was it nuked? no heh.
Just like a lawyer would say: 
"My defendant is accused of these charges, but in the case of Joe Blow all charges were dropped"

                           O\|__________________/   06-23-2005 at 19:07:34 


This is a great music album. And Band.
But please seed more because i realy like this band :) thanks for uppload
great cd, wish there were more from this artist. Thanks
She has quite a few albums and just came out with one in December. Here is a list of albums she has done.
Bif Naked
I Bificus
SuperBeautiful Monster
The Promise
Four SOngs and a Poem
Another 5 SOngs and a Poem
Essentially Naked(Greatest Hits)
Bif Naked Forever: (Acoustic Hits & Other Delights) which is the one that came out in December.
Could somebody please upload Bif Naked Forever Bif Naked Forever: (Acoustic Hits & Other Delights)? I just heard "The Only One" off that album, and I want to get the rest!
Thank you.